There are a number of reasons that you may need ventilation in your home. If you are designing a home you should consider adding home ventilation into the initial design rather than installing it later on. Having a home ventilation system will help to provide you with fresh, clean indoor air. Laser Electrical Dunedin provides ventilation and heat transfer systems for clients across Dunedin including Dunedin City, Middlemarch, Waikouaiti, Waitati, Port Chalmers, Mosgiel, Outram and Brighton.

There are a number of benefits that are associated with ventilation systems in your home aside from the nice feeling of fresh air. These include benefits to your health. Cold and damp houses are some of the main catalysts for bad health. A home ventilation system does a number of things that help to combat the negative effects on your health from a cold and damp home.

A ventilation system removes a lot of the moisture from the air. This provides you with drier air. Having drier air means less condensation on the windows and also a lower power bill. The reason that you may find your power bill decreases after installing a home ventilation system is because a dry home takes less energy to both heat and cool. Having a drier home also reduces mould and mildew build ups around the home.

Along with reducing moisture in the air, home ventilation will also remove dust and pollens from the air. This will help with asthma, hay fever and other medical conditions. Ventilation will also help to remove other bad chemicals that are used around them home such as fly spray, chemical cleaners, hairspray and other chemicals that are best not to be breathed in. Other gases such as those produced by combustion appliances are also removed.

All of these benefits will help to better your health as well as helping to reduce common problems caused by cold or damp homes such as asthma.

There are two types of home ventilation systems to choose from whether you are designing a house with a ventilation system, or installing one into an existing home.

Positive pressure ventilation systems, also known as roof cavity heat transfer ventilation systems, are the most common type in New Zealand. These force filtered air through vents in the ceiling from the roof space. The air that is forced into the house escapes through gaps around the doors and other places where air can leak throughout the house. It is recommended that you should fit filters to this type of ventilation.

Balanced pressure heat recovery ventilation systems are particularly appropriate for colder parts of New Zealand - the larger the temperature difference between inside and outside, they better these systems will work. These systems have both air being pushed in from outside, as well as a fan pushing air back outside, with some of the warm air being pushed back into the heat exchange unit therefore helping to reduce heat loss.

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