Lighting design is important in both homes and businesses. Nothing kills a romantic dinner faster than glaring lights... Or a headache at the end of the day because the lighting in your office is poor!

Lighting designed is about choosing and positioning the correct lighting within your home or business. You will need to consider aspects like the function of the room and the atmosphere you are want to create.

There are many rooms within houses all of which have different uses. It is important that the lighting is appropriate for the intended use.

A kitchen is going to require different lighting requirements to that of a spare room, office, dining room or lounge. A kitchen needs to be bright so that you can easily see what you are doing, a office needs to be bright enough to work in, but not too bright as to cause glare and headaches, a lounge needs to be ambient and relaxing and have good lighting for watching TV. As you can see, it is not as simple as choosing your light fittings and bulbs.

Outdoor lighting is another important sector of lighting design to consider. You may wish to have lighting for a courtyard along with security lighting by the front door.

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